Chapter 1: Administrative


PDF Document01-01-01 PIHP Board  (Implemented 8/13)

PDF Document01-01-02 Board Member Per Diem and Travel Reimbursement   (Implemented 8/13)

PDF Document01-01-03 Substance Use Disorder Oversight Policy Board  (Revised 1/16)


PDF Document01-02-01 Corporate Compliance Program  (Revised 5/16)

PDF Document01-02-03 Conflict of Interest  (Implemented 9/13)

PDF Document01-02-04 Freedom of Information Act Requests  (Implemented 10/13)

PDF Document01-02-05 Corporate Compliance Complaint, Investigation, & Reporting Process  (Revised 3/16)

PDF Document01-02-06 Disclosure of Information  (Implemented 3/16)

General operations

PDF Document01-03-01 Event Notifications  (Revised 5/16)

PDF Document01-03-02 Medicaid Provider Manual: Mental Health and Substance Abuse  (Revised 5/16)

PDF Document01-03-03 Policy Procedure Development & Approval  (Implemented 7/16)

quality Management

PDF Document01-04-01 Quality Assessment & Performance Improvement Program  (Implemented 10/13)

PDF Document01-04-02 Input from Persons Served  (Implemented 9/13)

PDF Document01-04-03 Satisfaction Surveys  (Revised 5/16)

PDF Document01-04-04 Behavior Management Review  (Revised 5/16)

PDF Document01-04-05 Performance Requirements for Prevention Services (SUD)  (Implemented 10/15) 

Utilization Management

PDF Document01-05-01 Utilization Management Program  (Revised 5/16)

Provider Network

PDF Document01-06-01 Procurement  (Revised 9/14)

PDF Document01-06-02 PIHP Network of Service Providers  (Revised 6/16)

PDF Document01-06-03 Contract Management  (Revised 5/16)

PDF Document01-06-04 Delegation and Contract Monitoring  (Revised 3/16)

PDF Document01-06-05 Credentialing and Privileging  (Revised 2/16)

PDF Document01-06-06 Staffing Requirements for Prevention Services (SUD)  (Implemented 10/15)

PDF Document01-06-07 Reporting Requirements for Prevention Services (SUD)  (Implemented 9/15)

PDF Document01-06-08 National Outcome Measures (NOMS) - SUD  (Implemented 2/16)